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Investor Presentation

We will prepare a professional investor presentation (pitch deck) for your business. Investor presentation is an abbreviated version of business plan, which is used to capture interest of potential investor.

Investor presentation for a start – up usually contains the following slides:
• Business idea;
• Description of a problem;
• The solution to a problem;
• Service description;
• Business model;
• Team;
• Sector overview;
• Competition;
• Deal description;
• Financials;
• Contacts.

Investor presentation for an operating business usually contains the following slides:
• Company description;
• Product/services description;
• Business model;
• Financial analysis;
• SWOT analysis;
• Sector and market analysis;
• Project description;
• Budget and financing structure;
• Financial forecast;
• Contacts.

In addition to this, we prepare business presentations for shareholders, business partners and employees.

The process is as follows:
• We receive your query and contact you to discuss your needs;
• We request the information necessary for the investor presentation;
• We prepare a presentation in no longer than 10 working days.

Are you preparing an investor presentation yourself? Contact us – we will look through your presentation and provide recommendations for improvement.

If you want to prepare a presentation yourself, but do not know how to do it, contact us for a consultation.

Starting price: 1 499€

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