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Investor Presentation Service

We specialize in creating professional investor presentation (pitch decks) tailored to your business. An investor presentation serves as a condensed version of a  business plan, designed to capture interest of potential investors.

Investor presentation for a startup typically includes the following slides:

• Business Idea
• Problem Description
• Solution to the Problem
• Service Description
• Business Model
• Team Overview
• Sector Analysis
• Competition Assessment
• Deal Description
• Financials
• Contact Information

Investor presentation for an established business covers the following key area:

• Company Description
• Product/Services Overview
• Business Model
• Financial Analysis
• SWOT Analysis
• Sector and Market Analysis
• Project Description
• Budget and Financing Structure
• Financial Forecast
• Contacts Details

Additionally, we create business presentations for shareholders, business partners and employees.

The process is as follows:
• We receive your query and promptly discuss your specific requirements.
• We gather the necessary information for the investor presentation.
• Within 10 working days, we prepare a compelling presentation that effectively communicates your business value.

Have you prepared and investor presentation yourself? Feel free to share it with us. We will review it and provide valuable recommendations for improvement.

If you are interested in creating your own presentation but need guidance, reach out to us for a consultation.

Starting price: 1 499€

Our most recent projects are as follows:

Annual Presentation of Company Results to Employees
LOCATION Lithuania
PURPOSE Informative
Presentation of Company Expansion Opportunities to Investors
LOCATION United Kingdom
PURPOSE Attracting investment
Presentation of Annual Results to Business Partners
PURPOSE Informative
Presentation of New Business Idea to Investors
LOCATION Lithuania
PURPOSE Attracting investment
Presentation of Business Opportunities to Franchise Seller
LOCATION Lithuania
PURPOSE Acquisition of franchise
Presentation of New Products to Clients
LOCATION Lithuania
PURPOSE Informative
Business Idea Presentation_page-0001
Business Idea Presentation_page-0002
Business Idea Presentation_page-0003
Business Idea Presentation_page-0004
Business Idea Presentation_page-0005
Business Idea Presentation_page-0006
Business Idea Presentation_page-0007
Business Idea Presentation_page-0008
Business Idea Presentation_page-0009
Business Idea Presentation_page-0010
Business Idea Presentation_page-0011
Business Idea Presentation_page-0012
Business Idea Presentation_page-0013
Business Idea Presentation_page-0014
Business Idea Presentation_page-0015
Business Idea Presentation_page-0016
Business Idea Presentation_page-0017


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