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We help to receive and/or refinance credits: provide consultations, gather and prepare relevant documents, represent clients in negotiations in order to receive the best credit proposal. We have work experience in various credit institutions and we know the specifics. We collaborate with all credit institutions in the country: credit unions, banks and leasing companies.

The process is as follows:
• We receive your query and contact you to find out your needs;
• We fill in relevant documents and provide them to credit institutions;
• We gather all proposals, analyze them and negotiate for the best deal and conditions;
• We explain all credit proposals and choose the best credit proposal for you.

Starting price: 499€+ success fee (depending on credit amount)


Seminar “Business plan: the theory and the practice”

During the seminar we will provide you with theoretic information about business plans and share practical advice on how to write a good business plan.

You will learn:
• The definition of a business plan;
• Why a business plan is a necessary document when doing business;
• Types of business plans;
• Recommended business plan structure;
• How to avoid mistakes in business plan writing.

Duration of the seminar is 2 hours.


Financial Plan

A company’s financial plan presents a forecast of the operating results of the company. It is an indicator of how your business will look over a 5 year period.

Financial plan consists of:
• Balance sheet forecast;
• Profit (loss) account forecast;
• Cash flow forecast;
• Sensitivity analysis;
• Conclusion and recommendations.

The process is as follows:
• We receive your query and contact you to discuss your needs;
• We request the information necessary for the financial plan;
• We prepare a financial plan in no longer than 10 working days.

Starting price: 499€


ICO white paper

We provide ICO white paper writing services. A white paper is a document which includes a description of a product’s technical details, a presentation of a problem that the product shall solve, a team description, a token sale strategy, and other important information. An ICO white paper may amount to 20-40 pages depending on the nature of the project.

White paper contains the following sections:
• Executive Summary;
• Market;
• The problem in the current market;
• The solution to the problem;
• The product and technology;
• Roadmap;
• Why should you invest in ICO;
• ICO details;
• Team;
• Risks.

We will prepare white paper in 15 working days.

Are you writing a white paper yourself but are not sure if it is accurate? Contact us – we will look through it and provide recommendations for improvement.

If you want to write a white paper yourself, but do not know how to do it, contact us for a consultation.

Price: 99€/hour


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