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White paper

We offer ICO white paper writing services. White paper is a document that includes a description of a product’s technical details, presentation of the problem the product aims to solve, provides team information, outlines the token sale strategy, and covers other essential aspects. Typically, an ICO white paper consists of 20-40 pages depending on nature of each project.

White paper is organized into the following sections:

• Executive Summary: A concise overview of the entire document.
• Market: An analysis of the market context and trends.
• Problem Statement: A clear presentation of the problem existing in the current market.
• Solution: Detailed information about how your product address the identified problem.
• Product and Technology: An explanation of your product’s features and underlying technology.
• Roadmap: A timeline outlining the development and launch phases.
• Investment Case: Reasons why potential investors should consider participating in the ICO.
• ICO details: Specifics about the token sale, including pricing, distribution, and use cases.
• Team: Profiles of the team members involved in the project.
• Risks: A transparent discussion of potential risks associated with the project.

Our team will prepare the white paper within 15 working days.

If you have already written a white paper yourself, feel free to contact us. We will review it and provide recommendations for improvement.

Additionally, if you are interested in writing your own white paper, but need guidance, we offer consultation services.

Price: 99€/hour


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